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Boss (31 Cards)

When formal communication is not warranted, these cards allow to say whatever you want in a light-hearted manner.
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At Work Etc (41 Cards)

Here are some fun and cute greeting cards for your colleagues/ clients/ business associates to wish them on their achievements or thank them for being their for you when you need them the most.
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Your boss's or colleague's birthday surely calls for a celebration. The fun, warm and formal birthday cards for boss or colleague would help him or her take a break at work. These cards are...
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If a colleague's 'chips are down' step in and offer words of encouragement. Sometimes, it works like a miracle.
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E-notes (30 Cards)

Cool way to communicate. Ideal if you are not in a mood to send an email, leave a voice mail, etc.
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A fun work place is also probably the most healthy place to work in. These cards allow you to spread the fun and keep a light environment.
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Customers (36 Cards)

Your business revolves around them. Tell them just that but in a simple and fun manner.
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Announcements (28 Cards)

Struck a deal! A family addition! Whatever be the good news, share them with your colleagues with these appropriately designed ecards.
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