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For Everyone (148 Cards)

Either with a toast, a bunch of flowers or may be with a simple wish, reach out to your friends or colleagues with your hearty congratulations. No matter what the reason is, there is nothing you...
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Retirement (42 Cards)

Is it the time for someone to forget work and get on to learn fishing? Well, celebrate this special moment with the new free bird by sending him/ her your best wishes.
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New Baby (176 Cards)

Lullabies and baby talks; life certainly changes with the arrival of a baby. Be a part of their special moment by sending in your cute congratulations and witness their world going upside down.
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Life gives us different reasons to celebrate, be it baptism, citizenship and even the rite of confirmation. Each of these ceremonies is incomplete without the wishes of our friends and family...
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They are a fun couple. You really make a good foursome or if you are single, they never make you feel three's a crowd. Great way to let them know your thoughts and of course wish them on their...
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After receiving all the congratulations and adulations from your family and friends, a little thanks adds up to your celebration. Go ahead, do your part with our thank you cards.
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New Home (61 Cards)

Home is the place of our dreams, it is where our heart is and there is no limit to the joy one receives on getting the key to one's new home. Warm up the proud owners of a new home with your cool...
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New Job (47 Cards)

A new job means the beginning of a journey with newer opportunities and scopes! Send these warm and fun congratulations ecards to your friends and dear ones to congratulate and encourage them on...
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Graduation Party (97 Cards)

Cracking exams is the most difficult part of being a student and once that is done, there is no better reason to celebrate. Congratulate the new grads, students on making their way to success.
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Has someone in your workplace hit the right nail or has cracked a big deal? Then it is definitely the time to rejoice and celebrate. Cork it up and make his/ her day special by pouring in your...
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Engagement (49 Cards)

Has someone in your family or a dear friend found the right catch? If so, don't be late, be the first one to reach out with your best wishes and be a part of his/ her special moment.
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Is there a new furry member added in your friend's family, a member who runs across the entire house spreading joy and happiness? If so, congratulate your friend by sending him/ her a cute...
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Pregnancy (41 Cards)

They say there is no better feeling for a woman than to feel her baby within, the perfect reason to get showered with pampering and not to forget the advices too. Share this beautiful moment with...
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Promotion (42 Cards)

Success in itself is a reason to celebrate. If your friend or colleague has jumped into the next level of success then do not wait, just be a part of his/ her joy by sending in your hearty...
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What's more fun than cruising in your own car? It is definitely more than just a vehicle, it is a style statement. So before the cool dude gears up in speed, rush and wish him congratulations.
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Quotes (4 Cards)

Share a note of congratulation with these cute congrats quote.
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