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Thinking of You (449 Cards)

Out of sight but never out of my mind! If there is someone who is ruling your mind then just tell this to him/ her through our warm, cute and funny ecards from thinking of you section.
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Get Well Soon (484 Cards)

A friend in bed is no fun indeed, so wish your buddy who's unwell a speedy recovery with our warm and cute ecards from the get well soon section.
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Good Morning (1074 Cards)

Good morning ecards can really give a great start to a day. You can send a hot cup of coffee or a warm kiss to perk up the day of your friends or loved ones through these cards. Let a cheery good...
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Have a Great Day (704 Cards)

A cute good day wish goes a long way in making someone's day great and there cannot be a cuter way to deliver your wish than through our warm and cute ecards from have a great day section. They...
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In our everyday life there are so many friends and other close ones who touch our lives and help us in our stride. Reach out to all those people and tell them how thankful you are for the small...
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Good Night (495 Cards)

As your loved one gets ready to be lost in the world of sweet dreams, reach out to him/ her with a cute good night message and be a part of his/ her dream. Our beautiful good night ecards will...
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Miss You (501 Cards)

Out of sight but never out of my mind, if that's what you wanna say but cannot find the right way to do it then we have a solution for you. Bridge all distances and let your friends and loved ones...
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Enjoy the Weekend (296 Cards)

Monday to Friday, one thing that we all keep waiting for is the weekend, when we can dump the work for a while and relax. Send your friends these cool weekend ecards and wish them a fun time ahead.
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Hi (240 Cards)

No distance is too much, if you really want to connect with your pal. A quick hello is all you need to be on each other's mind. Send across a warm hello with our cute everyday cards. These cards...
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Sorry (310 Cards)

Goofed up with someone, or you made a big boo boo, never mind how big an ass you've proved yourself; you can still make up for the mistakes by sending these cute sorry ecards.
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Cheer Up (108 Cards)

Cheer up your near and dear ones and help them chase away the blues. Perk 'em up with these warm and cute set of ecards and brighten up their day.
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Good Luck (106 Cards)

Good luck wishes add a little push to the one who's ready to plunge into a new venture. Choose from our collection of good luck ecards and boost your friend's and family member's spirit.
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Blessing You (85 Cards)

God bless you! These three words show a huge amount of care and concern. Let your dear ones know that you are there with them by sending these blessing you ecards.
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Bon Voyage (143 Cards)

When someone's gonna set forth on a journey, all you can do is pack your good luck wishes along. Reach out to all of them and wish them a happy journey with our bon voyage ecards.
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You are Welcome (40 Cards)

When someone shows his/ her gratitude by sending you a warm thanks, you got to appreciate the gesture by sending a warm ecard from you are welcome section.
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Send a Joke (73 Cards)

Why just a smile, you can also send a laughter to your buddies through our cool joke ecards. A little bit of rib-tickling in the midst of everyday work is always a pleasant welcome.
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Take Care (70 Cards)

Just knowing that someone cares, makes a big difference. Reach out to your buddy who's feeling a bit blue and tell him/ her to take care through our warm ecards.
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Monday Blues (142 Cards)

Monday mornings cannot be anything but blue, however you can definitely add a little smile to the blue-bitten day by sending in these cute and warm 'Monday Blues' ecards. These ecards will just be...
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Tuesday Toons (32 Cards)

Tuesday is no better than Monday, it's just that the work pressure increases. Add a little bit of fun to the tired Tuesday by sending these fun and cute 'Tuesday Toons' ecards. A little bit of...
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Sports (51 Cards)

Baseball, golf or basketball, no matter which game fascinates your buddy the most, we have a collection of all in our sports ecards. Go ahead and send these ecards to invite, cheer or congratulate...
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Midweek Crisis (38 Cards)

Oh no, it's the middle of the week! Does weekend seem far away to you? Send these fun, warm midweek crisis ecards to your sweetheart, friends, colleagues or loved ones and let them know how you feel!
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