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Just Because (55 Cards)

Love often defies logic and fails to reason. Similarly, a 'purpose' is not necessary to touch that special person. These cards make them feel close, wanted and a part of your life.
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Thinking of You (85 Cards)

It is said that every human being has over 60000 thoughts everyday but only a few are special coz of the people in those thoughts which bring a smile. These cards are designed to let those very...
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It's always nice to receive something, even if it's a smile or a hello card. Use these cards to show your appreciation and hopefully you will continue to receive all good things in life.
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Across the Miles (74 Cards)

Sometimes you don't have a lot to say, but you want to be in their thoughts especially if they are far away. These beautifully designed ecards allow you to do just that.
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Miss You (85 Cards)

It's the people in our lives who make living so much fun. Sometimes, they have to travel and often on longish trips to foreign places. These cards will not only let them know how much you miss...
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Keep in Touch (84 Cards)

Someone has to 'bell the cat'. Your friends/ family just maybe a wee bit tied up. Why not make the first move and touch their hearts with our beautifully designed ecards. We are sure they will be...
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Hi (45 Cards)

To be 'out of sight' is to be 'out of mind'. These cards allow you to 'hang in there'. Sometimes a simple 'Hi' nurtures relationships and opens the door for friendships which become increasingly...
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Send a Smile (45 Cards)

A loved one is going through a difficult phase? Or sometime just under the weather. Cheer them up with these smile cards. It's a very human thing to do.
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Made a new friend? Met someone nice on a flight? Or a bar? These cards help you to stay in touch, keeps the relationship moving and who knows eventually develops into something meaningful.
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