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Winter (Dec 21, 2017 - Mar 19, 2018)
Events : Winter Winter is here... It's time to put on your snow boots, deck yourself with gloves and woolens and build up snowmen or shoot snowballs at your loved ones. Send your friends, family, sweetheart, neighbors, colleagues and everyone you know our heart-warming ecards and wish them a joyous and wonderful season.
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Events : Whisper 'I Love You' Day It's Whisper 'I Love You' Day! So whisper softly to your sweetheart the three magical words. Express your deepest feelings through warm and cute ecards from our site to make him/ her feel special.
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Penguin Awareness Day (Jan 20, 2018)
Events : Penguin Awareness Day Cute and adorable... Spreading fun all around! That's how penguins are. On Penguin Awareness Day, it's time for you to spare a thought for these lovely creatures by sending our cool e-wishes to your near and dear ones through our online greetings.
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Send a Hug Day (Jan 21, 2018)
Events : Send a Hug Day It's Send a Hug Day! Time to send warm cuddles to your dear ones and say how much they mean to you. Send your friends, family and loved ones from our cute and adorable Send a Hug Day ecards. Add some warmth and smiles to their day with these loving wishes and make their Send a Hug Day a truly memorable one.
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Vasant Panchami (Jan 22, 2018)
Events : Vasant Panchami Vasant Panchami is a festival dedicated to Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Wish everyone a blessed Vasant Panchami with our cards, ecards and greetings.
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National Pie Day (Jan 23, 2018)
Events : National Pie Day Hey, it's Pie Day! The perfect time to pamper your taste buds, bake yummy pies and share them with your near and dear ones. Send cute and warm ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ loved ones and wish them a great treat today.
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Compliment Day (Jan 24, 2018)
Events : Compliment Day It's Compliment Day! Time for you to let all those wonderful people in your life know how special they are in their own sweet way. You might have felt a whole lot of admiration for them in the past. Now is the time to express yourself. Unlock your heart and let those compliments flow across to your dear ones through our ecards.
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Republic Day (India) (Jan 26, 2018)
Events : Republic Day (India) It's Republic Day (India)! Celebrate the free spirit of India. Send warm and patriotic ecards from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a great day.
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Australia Day (Jan 26, 2018)
Events : Australia Day Hey, it's Australia Day! Enjoy the fireworks and celebrate the day with lots of fun.
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Chocolate Cake Day (Jan 27, 2018)
Events : Chocolate Cake Day Hey, it's Chocolate Cake Day! The perfect time to pamper yourself and your loved ones with a whole lot of yummy, creamy cakes. Send tempting ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a fantastic day.
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Daisy Day (Jan 28, 2018)
Events : Daisy Day It's Daisy Day! Celebrate the beauty of the daisies that symbolize innocence and purity. Send elegant and cute ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ loved ones and make happiness bloom in their days.
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Fun at Work Day (Jan 28, 2018)
Events : Fun at Work Day Hey it's Fun at Work Day! So send a fun note to your friends and colleagues. Our free, animated ecards are just right for the occasion!
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Kansas Day (Jan 29, 2018)
Events : Kansas Day It's Kansas Day! Celebrate the day with great fervor! Rise to the occasion and convey your wishes to your 'near n dear' ones through these classy free online greetings.
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Tu Bishvat (Jan 31, 2018)
Events : Tu Bishvat It's Tu Bishvat, the happy time of the year of the trees. Welcome the season and get connected to your friends and loved ones and share best wishes in a very special way with our warm ecards!
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January Flowers (January 2018)
Events : January Flowers It's January Flowers! Carnations and snowdrops are the flowers of January. So celebrate the beauty of the pretty blossoms. Send elegant and cute ecards from our site to your near and dear ones to make happiness bloom in their days.
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National Freedom Day (Feb 1, 2018)
Events : National Freedom Day Freedom Day celebrates the abolition of slavery. So celebrate the spirit of Freedom Day to its fullest with all your friends and loved ones. Add to the fun by sending them our wonderful ecards.
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Candlemas (Feb 2, 2018)
Events : Candlemas Candlemas is celebrated as a symbolical purification of Mother Mary. Celebrate this beautiful festival of candles with your family and friends and send them your warm wishes with these beautiful ecards. All ecards are absolutely free.
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Groundhog Day (Feb 2, 2018)
Events : Groundhog Day Hey, it's Groundhog Day! So watch out for the cute little groundhogs and get set for a whole lot of fun. Send cute and colorful ecards from our site to happy up your friends, family and loved ones.
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Super Sunday (Feb 4, 2018)
Events : Super Sunday Hey, it's Super Sunday! So celebrate American football and if you are not at the stadium, then catch up with the game on tv while you munch on lotsa chips and enjoy your pizzas. Get together with your family/ friends/ loved ones and send them cute and sporty ecards from our site.
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Rose Day (Feb 7, 2018)
Events : Rose Day It's Rose Day! So celebrate the pretty blooms and say what you feel with lovely roses. Send beautiful and warm ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ loved ones/ sweetheart and wish a festival blooming with joy.
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Events : Send a Card to a Friend Day It's Send a Card to a Friend Day! An ideal time to browse through our cute ecards. So just click and send those to bring a smile on the face of your friends.
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Propose Day (Feb 8, 2018)
Events : Propose Day It's Propose Day. It's the day to propose your love to your loved one. Share your love to your loved one to strengthen your bond of love with free ecards from 123greetings.
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Smile Day (Feb 8, 2018)
Events : Smile Day Hey it's time to make your loved ones smile! So send funny, cute, cool or warm messages to your dear ones through our colorful, animated ecards and make them feel special!
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Teddy Bear Day (Feb 10, 2018)
Events : Teddy Bear Day Hey, it's Teddy Bear Day! Time for you to send a teddy that 'bears' your love to your friends and loved ones. Compliment them with these cute and cuddly bears and make them feel special with our cute ecards.
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Promise Day (Feb 11, 2018)
Events : Promise Day It's Promise Day. It's the day to express your trust for your loved ones. Promises build trust in relationships. Share your trust to your loved ones to strengthen your bond of love for them.
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