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National Adoption Day (Nov 17, 2018)
Events : National Adoption Day Send National Adoption Day ecards to all you know.
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Events : International Men's Day It's International Men's Day! So, go ahead and celebrate male bonding with all your buddies by sending our cool ecards! And for all the women out there, we have got romantic ecards just apt for sending to the hunk in your life!
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Events : Universal Children's Day Universal Children's Day is dedicated to all the children of the world. Celebrate this day by sending our ecards.
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Mawlid al-Nabi (Nov 20, 2018)
Events : Mawlid al-Nabi It's Mawlid al-Nabi! So, celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. Spread his message of love to all you know. Send beautiful and heartfelt messages from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones and wish that his divine blessings be showered upon them.
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World Hello Day (Nov 21, 2018)
Events : World Hello Day It's World Hello Day! Say hello to all those people who are special to you and also to those with whom you have been out of touch for some time. Add a little warmth to the day of your near and dear ones by sending them our cute World Hello Day ecards.
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Thanksgiving (Nov 22, 2018)
Events : Thanksgiving It's Thanksgiving 2018! Rejoice this Thanksgiving day in the loving company of your family and friends and enjoy turkey roast and pumpkin pies with them. Send a bright Thanksgiving ecard to renew the ties that bind you with your loved ones. Say 'Happy Thanksgiving' with our warm Thanksgiving ecards.
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Guru Nanak's Birthday (Nov 23, 2018)
Events : Guru Nanak's Birthday It's Guru Nanak's Birthday! May he inspire you to achieve all your goals and his blessings be with you in whatever you do! Celebrate this occasion with your loved ones/ friends and family. Don't forget to send them our thoughtful ecards.
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You're Welcome Day (Nov 23, 2018)
Events : You're Welcome Day Hey, it's You're Welcome Day! The time after Thanksgiving, to tell your near and dear ones how much you appreciate their contribution in your life. Welcome them with our free egreetings.
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Full Moon Day (Nov 23, 2018)
Events : Full Moon Day Hey, it's Full Moon Day! Time to be romantic with your sweetheart with the moon glowing at its brightest in the sky. Don't forget to send a romantic ecard to your love.
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Black Friday (Nov 23, 2018)
Events : Black Friday Black Friday is the busiest shopping day before Christmas! Have a gala shopping time! Indulge in the holiday spirit with friends and loved ones. Don't forget to send them our online greeting cards.
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Cake Day (Nov 26, 2018)
Events : Cake Day It's Cake Day! The perfect time for all you cake lovers to have a real yummy and creamy time. So go on a binge of sweet delights with your near and dear ones. Add to the fun by sending them our sweet ecards.
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Shopping Reminder Day (Nov 26, 2018)
Events : Shopping Reminder Day The holiday season has already begun and is here to stay for quite sometime. Christmas is only a month away and just think about all those gifts that you are yet to shop! Why not send a sweet shopping reminder to your dear ones and also wish them a great holiday? Don't think twice! It's Shopping Reminder Day and send our ecards to your dear ones before we have to remind you once again.
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St. Andrew's Day (Nov 30, 2018)
Events : St. Andrew's Day It's St. Andrew's day! Spend the day with all those people who matter to you the most.
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November Flowers (November 2018)
Events : November Flowers Chrysanthemum and gerbera bloom in November and they are the symbol of happiness and friendship. Send our floral ecards to all those people who matter to you and make their day bloom with joy and smiles.
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Aviation History Month (November 2018)
Events : Aviation History Month Celebrate Aviation History Month by sending our ecards.
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Events : Native American Heritage Month Celebrate your heritage with Native American Heritage Month ecards.
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World AIDS Day (Dec 1, 2018)
Events : World AIDS Day World AIDS Day is observed worldwide as a sign of compassion towards AIDS victims and to forge a sense of social tolerance. Ask your near and dear ones to foster this sense of compassion towards AIDS victims with these free ecards.
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National Day (UAE) (Dec 2, 2018)
Events : National Day (UAE) National UAE day celebrates the unification of the seven Emirates. Wish your loved ones and enhance the celebrations with our collection of wishes that are especially designed for the occasion.
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International Hug Day (Dec 4, 2018)
Events : International Hug Day Hey, it's International Hug Day... The perfect time to get cozy with your sweetheart, catch up with friends and family and tell them how much you care. Send them a tight, warm squeeze and make them feel really special through our cute and warm ecards.
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Cookie Day (Dec 4, 2018)
Events : Cookie Day It's Cookie Day yet again! Time to take delight in all those mouth-watering cookies. Let the gourmand in you wake up and take a front seat as you satisfy your gastronomical desires. Grab this chance to strengthen the bonds of love and friendship by sharing all those yummy cookies with your dear ones. Send our ecards to all you know and love and add to the flavor of their Cookie Day as well.
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St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6, 2018)
Events : St. Nicholas Day Hey, it's St. Nicholas Day! So you better be nice, because St. Nicholas is going to come tonight and fill your stockings with wonderful surprises. Send cute ecards from our site to your near and dear ones to wish their dreams come true today.
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Pearl Harbor Day (Dec 7, 2018)
Events : Pearl Harbor Day It's Pearl Harbor Day! An opportunity to honor the men who made our future safe and secured. Celebrate the spirit of freedom with your dear ones by sending them our ecards.
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Winter Flowers Day (Dec 8, 2018)
Events : Winter Flowers Day It's Winter Flowers Day! Celebrate the beauty of nature in the Winter season. Send beautiful Winter flowers to your friends/ family/ loved ones or send floral ecards to wish them a magical Winter.
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Events : Feast of the Immaculate Conception It's Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Time for you to pray for all your dear ones and ask for the blessings of the Virgin Mother. Add to the bliss of the day by sending our ecards to your dear ones.
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Christmas Card Day (Dec 9, 2018)
Events : Christmas Card Day It's Christmas Card Day! Send cute and warm messages to your friends/ family/ loved ones because Christmas is just round the corner and festivity is in the air! Make your loved ones feel great by sending them our cool ecards.
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