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Memorial Day (May 27, 2019)
Events : Memorial Day Memorial Day is a day set aside to commemorate the brave hearts who laid down their lives for the nation. It's time to get together and remember the fallen heroes, their valor and pay tribute to the living legends. Reach out to your family, friends and loved ones with Memorial Day ecards filled with pride, warmth and togetherness.
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Hamburger Day (May 28, 2019)
Events : Hamburger Day As varied as its debatable history, hamburgers are nothing short of a culinary icon in America. So let's get-together and honor the classic sandwich with family and friends.
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No Tobacco Day (May 31, 2019)
Events : No Tobacco Day Tobacco kills up to half of its users. Inspire a friend or a loved to quit their addiction on No Tobacco Day. Wish them a healthy tobacco-free time with our inspirational ecards.
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Ramadan (May 5 - Jun 4, 2019)
Events : Ramadan Ramadan, the holy month of fasting from dawn to dusk, celebrates the divine revelation of the Koran to Prophet Muhammad. Send our warm and beautiful Ramadan ecards to spread the spirit of this blessed occasion among your friends, family and loved ones. Greet them with these heartfelt wishes and wish them Allah's blessings in this month of Ramadan and always.
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May Flowers (May 2019)
Events : May Flowers The May Flowers are lily of the valley and hawthorn. Celebrate these beautiful blooms of summer. Send warm floral ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ loved ones to make their days bloom with joy.
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Graduation (May - Jun, 2019)
Events : Graduation It's Graduation! It's time for your friend/ son/ daughter/ bro/ sis/ loved one who has graduated to don the robe, put on the cap and look smart! Congratulate them and wish them good luck for a bright future ahead with our warm and wonderful Graduation ecards. Send them from these cool and cute wishes and make them feel special.
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Events : International Children's Day Hey, it's International Children's Day! Time to have loads of fun with all the kids you know. Enjoy the day and wish them "Happy Children's Day" with our cute International Children's Day ecards!
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Love Conquers All Day (Jun 3, 2019)
Events : Love Conquers All Day It's Love Conquers All Day! It's the day for romance. So dedicate the day to the love of your life. Send your sweetheart romantic ecards from our site to make him/ her feel really special.
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Events : Friendship Festival (New York) Hey pals! It's Friendship Festival (New York)! Time to celebrate the friendship between Americans and Canadians. So reach out, renew and strengthen the bond you share with your friends or loved ones by sending them warm wishes with our ecards.
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Hug Your Cat Day (Jun 4, 2019)
Events : Hug Your Cat Day Hey, it's Hug Your Cat Day! So pick up your cute little kitty and give him/ her a tight squeeze. Make your pet cat feel really special. Send cute and warm ecards from our site to wish your near and dear ones a whole lot of fun with their cats.
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Eid ul-Fitr (Jun 5, 2019)
Events : Eid ul-Fitr Eid ul-Fitr is here! It's time to celebrate and rejoice in the glory and the graces of Allah! Reach out to your friends and loved ones with our heartfelt Eid ul-Fitr ecards. Share with them the many joys of this festive time and wish them the blessings of happiness, peace and prosperity. Send them these beautiful wishes from our collection of ecards and make their Eid ul-Fitr a special one.
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World Environment Day (Jun 5, 2019)
Events : World Environment Day It's World Environment Day! So celebrate the beauty and wonder of our Earth. Create awareness about how to protect and preserve our planet. Send our beautiful ecards to your near and dear ones.
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Hari Raya (Jun 5, 2019)
Events : Hari Raya Hari Raya is celebrated to mark the end of the month of fasting and abstinence, Ramadan. On this occasion, reach out to people you know and love. Enjoy the festive spirit by sending them our warm online greetings.
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National Doughnut Day (Jun 7, 2019)
Events : National Doughnut Day Hey, National Doughnut Day is here! So savor the sweet and yummy taste of donuts. Send cute and yummy ecards from our site to wish your loved ones 'fun-taste-tic' days ahead.
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Dragon Boat Festival (Jun 7, 2019)
Events : Dragon Boat Festival It's Dragon Boat Festival! So gear up to steer your boat to the finishing line. Get into the festive mood and cheer for your favorite team or team member. Send warm ecards from our site to wish your near and dear ones a lot of fun.
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Best Friends Day (Jun 8, 2019)
Events : Best Friends Day It's Best Friends Day! Reach out to your coolest pal with our fun and cute Best Friends Day ecards. Say how much he/ she means to you and thank him/ her for always being there. Surprise your friend with your warmest wish and make this Best Friends Day a truly special one for him/ her.
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Ice Cream Day (Jun 8, 2019)
Events : Ice Cream Day Hey, it's Ice Cream Day... The perfect time to enjoy large scoops of the yummy ice creams. Send cute ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ sweetheart/ loved ones to wish them a chill out time.
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Shavuot (Jun 8 - 10, 2019)
Events : Shavuot It's Shavuot! So celebrate the holiday of the first fruits and giving of the ten commandments. Get into the festive spirit and enjoy. Send warm and heartfelt ecards from our site to wish your friends/ family/ loved ones a wonderful festival.
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World Ocean Day (Jun 8, 2019)
Events : World Ocean Day Hey, it's World Ocean Day! Beach parties, sand castles, cool splashes of water and buddies all around! What more can you ask for? Just chill out with all your pals/ loved ones today and send them our free online greetings.
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Profess Your Love Day (Jun 9, 2019)
Events : Profess Your Love Day It's Profess Your Love Day! So tell your sweetheart what you feel and make it a magical day for him/ her. Send cute and romantic ecards from our site to make your loved one feel really special.
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Red Rose Festival (Jun 9, 2019)
Events : Red Rose Festival It's Red Rose Festival! So celebrate the pretty blooms and say what you feel with lovely roses. Send beautiful and warm ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ loved ones/ sweetheart and wish a festival blooming with joy.
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Pentecost (Jun 9, 2019)
Events : Pentecost It's Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Easter, celebrating fertility. It's time for you to rejoice and celebrate with all your friends and loved ones. Reach out to them through these warm ecards.
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Whit Monday (Jun 10, 2019)
Events : Whit Monday It's Whit Monday, the first day after Pentecost. The day is being dedicated specifically to the honor of God the Holy Spirit and particularly in commemoration of his descent upon the apostles at Pentecost. Share warm wishes on this occasion with your loved ones.
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Flag Day (Jun 14, 2019)
Events : Flag Day It's Flag Day! Celebrate the birthday of the American national flag and hoist it high. Share the pride and the glory of the nation with your friends/ family/ loved ones. Send them cute and patriotic ecards from our site.
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Sneak a Kiss Day (Jun 15, 2019)
Events : Sneak a Kiss Day Well, you don't really need a reason or an excuse to kiss your sweetheart. But just think how exciting, and amusing, it would be if you got a day that's all dedicated to sneak a kiss? It's called Sneak a Kiss Day! So, for the time you are away from him/ her, send across your feelings and loads of virtual kisses through our ecards.
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