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Hug Week (Jul 16 - 22, 2018)
Events : Hug Week Hey, it's Hug Week! So snuggle up to your sweetheart, friends or family with a tight and warm hug. Send them our cute ecards to make them feel really special.
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National Lollipop Day (Jul 20, 2018)
Events : National Lollipop Day Hey, it's National Lollipop Day... The perfect time to enjoy loads of sweet lollipops. Send sweet and cute ecards from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them lots of sweet surprises today.
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Summer (Jun 21 - Sep 22, 2018)
Events : Summer Summer's here! It's time to soak up the sun, to hit the beach or to go for a long and lazy vacation. Reach out to your friends, family and loved ones in this sunny season with our warm and wonderful Summer ecards. Wish them lots of fun and make this Summer a special one for them with these cute and cheerful ecards.
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Monkey Day (Jul 21, 2018)
Events : Monkey Day Hey, it's Monkey Day! So have fun playing pranks on your friends and loved ones. Hang around with them and feast on bananas. Send funny and cute wishes to all you know with our collection of Monkey Day ecards.
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National Hammock Day (Jul 22, 2018)
Events : National Hammock Day Summer is not complete without spending a day outdoors on a hammock. Invite your friends to take a break, grab a cool drink or a good book and lie back for that much needed rest, today!
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Parents' Day (Jul 22, 2018)
Events : Parents' Day It's Parents' Day! Send Parents' Day greetings to your parents and people who have been like a parent to you. Show your gratitude with our collection of Parents' Day ecards.
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National Cousin's Day (Jul 24, 2018)
Events : National Cousin's Day Your partner-in-crime at family events & lifelong friend. Reach out to your cousins and make them feel special.
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National Tequila Day (Jul 24, 2018)
Events : National Tequila Day Hey, it's National Tequila Day! Relax, put your feet up and reach out to your friends and loved ones. Send wishes with a shot of high spirit with our collection of cool ecards. Cheers!
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Pioneer Day (Utah) (Jul 24, 2018)
Events : Pioneer Day (Utah) It's Pioneer Day! It's time to commemorate the entry of the first group of mormon pioneers into the salt lake valley. Share the joy to make this day memorable with warm online egreetings.
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Friendship Festival (Jul 25 - 28, 2018)
Events : Friendship Festival It's Friendship Festival (Missouri)! So celebrate the bond that you share with a friend who is there beside you always. Send cute and warm ecards from our site to tell your true blue friend how special he/ she is.
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Aunt & Uncle's Day (Jul 26, 2018)
Events : Aunt & Uncle's Day It's Aunt & Uncle's Day! So celebrate the bond that you share with them. Send cute and warm ecards from our site to your aunt and uncle to make them feel really special.
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Full Moon Day (Jul 28, 2018)
Events : Full Moon Day Hey, it's Full Moon Day! Time to be romantic with your sweetheart with the moon glowing at its brightest in the sky. Don't forget to send a romantic ecard to your love.
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Father-in-law Day (Jul 30, 2018)
Events : Father-in-law Day Strengthen your relationship with your spouse's father and spend quality time with your father-in-law, this day. After all, he's the father you choose to have. Share our thoughtful greetings and make his day.
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Events : National Cheesecake Day It's Cheesecake Day! So indulge yourself with large slices of yummy cheesecakes. Wish your friends/ family/ loved ones a lip-smacking treat too. Send them cute and warm ecards from our site to wish them a great day.
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Events : Always Live Better Than Yesterday Always Live Better Than Yesterday is a promise to make each day of our life funnier, exciting and wonderful than the last one. On this day, spread the good cheer and reach out to your friends and loved ones with a message of joy and hope.
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July Flowers (July 2018)
Events : July Flowers Water lilies and larkspurs are the July Flowers! So celebrate your special relationships with these pretty blooms. Send beautiful July Flowers ecards from our site to friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a season blooming with joy.
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Girlfriend's Day (Aug 1, 2018)
Events : Girlfriend's Day It's Girlfriend's Day! Celebrate the special bond of friendship that you share with girl pals... Send lovely or cute messages from our site to your friend to tell her how special she is.
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Events : National Watermelon Day The perfect summer fruit has a day to itself. Refresh yourself and ask your near and dear ones to keep themselves hydrated with this juicy fruit.
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Friendship Day (Aug 5, 2018)
Events : Friendship Day It's Friendship Day... Time to reach to all your friends who add lots of smiles and colors to your days. Tell them how much they mean to you and make them feel special with our warm and cute Friendship Day ecards.
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Work Like a Dog Day (Aug 5, 2018)
Events : Work Like a Dog Day Not connected with dogs per say, today is a day to celebrate all those who work hard to make us achieve our professional goals. Celebrate the dogged determination of your coworkers by sending them a celebratory card from our kitty.
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Sister's Day (Aug 5, 2018)
Events : Sister's Day The bond one shares with one's sister is very special. Whether elder or younger, a sister is someone who cares, quarrels, teases but most of all, loves. Send these lovely ecards to your sister/ friend/ someone who's like a sister and make them feel special.
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Dollar Day (Aug 8, 2018)
Events : Dollar Day Though established in 1786, did you know that the first dollar bill was not issued until 1862? Commemorate the establishment of the US monetary system, read dollar, on this day with us! Send out cards to your loved ones and celebrate the day.
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Book Lovers' Day (Aug 9, 2018)
Events : Book Lovers' Day Kick back, relax and grab a book. Today is the day for those who love to read. So treat yourself with some quality reading time and share your love for book with fellow bookworms with our quote-worthy cards.
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Send an Email Day (Aug 9, 2018)
Events : Send an Email Day Hey, it's Send an Email Day! So write emails to connect to your near and dear ones. Send cute, funny, warm or heartfelt messages to your friends/ family/ loved ones to click smiles on their faces!
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Romance Day (Aug 11, 2018)
Events : Romance Day Hey, it's Romance Day! Time for you all to reach out to your loved ones and pamper them with your love. Say how much they mean to you through our wonderful ecards.
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